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Certified Ethical Hacker C|EH v9 Kerala Police Cyber Dome Volunteers Commander CEO Indian Cyber Security Force (ICSF) Security Researcher Hall Of Fame Google Microsoft Oracle Kaspersky Eccouncil SAP Dell Sony Intel Lenovo AT&T Hostinger Trend micro Avira Belkin Flipkart eBay Alienvault ESET Transloadit Infovys Wso2 Inflectra Chalk Hootsuit Buffer Phishme Sellfy Welthy Currency Cloud AdAware Issuu Edmodo SIDN.NL Paysa Etc.... Got Listed In Microsoft 5th Time Hall Of Fame July-2017 ( ) Jun-2017 ( ) May-2017 April-2017 September-October-2016 Hall Of Fame List ESET -7 Acknowledgement Sony-5 Hall Of Fame Google- 8 Hall Of Fame Intel- 11 Acknowledgement Certificate