Eshwar Getenv

#119 (-1)

Curiosity is what drives any hacker. Hackers take great pride in finding things they are not supposed to find. In my case I have always been curious about how things work in this world. I think its almost an innate ability that hackers carry with them. I believe that one doesnt choose to be a hacker, it just happens when you wake up one day and realize that the entire world tries to control you in some form or the other with or without your consent and you are not ready to accept that. It's only a matter of time before you start asking questions and the answers are really hard to come by. Even if they come by from others, you ask yourself how much can you really trust them? Just because everyone else believes that something is right doesnt make it right. I live by that motto. I tend to verify things for myself and I think all the hackers out there live by a similar motto. For me, trust is the weakest link that exists in this world. Trusting others means you assume that when others are in control they will not betray you and get the better of you. So what do hackers do? They make sure that their trust is not betrayed by keeping an eye on what others are doing with or without their permission. It is not unethical it is just being smart ;) "What you see is what you get" is a phrase that almost everyone is familiar with. But if you ask a hacker , he will tell you that there is very little or no truth to that. It is like a mask that is being presented to the world while all the details are hidden behind it.